The Easy Mortgage Apps application is free for borrowers.

The Easy Mortgage Apps application is free for realtors.

Unlimited push notifications can be sent for no additional cost.

The push notifications are branded with your logo and company name.

The bank holds authority over who has control of sending push notifications.

The implementation fee covers logo edits, customized company colors and all content with the application.

The implementation fee requires the following steps:

The messaging screen can be edited to engage with individual or collective parties including the borrower, buyer and seller agent, realtors, Loan Officers, Branch Managers, Processors, and anyone else you would like to engage in real-time messaging with.

During implementation, you can choose the appropriate fields to be displayed under each party. A bank can include any field an LOS can display or cross out any field that doesn’t pertain to their business logic.

A borrower or realtor can take a picture of any document that will automatically save as a PDF in the bank’s portal, regardless of the LOS system. Certain LOS systems upload the PDF directly into their e-document center for no additional fee, while others require an additional charge.

The captured picture does not save to your phone’s camera roll, adhering to the strictest of privacy policies. Once the picture is taken, it saves to the secure server, acting as an e-fax or email with attachment, and can only be accessed through a secure login.

Easy Mortgage Apps supplies a Microsoft Excel template in order for banks to determine which realtors become apart of their network. Any field that can be quantified in an Excel cell is a searchable term.

Easy Mortgage Apps is always working to develop features that best benefit you. Any update that does not require a pass-through cost, such as a data cost or API connector cost is a free update.

Banks have the option to implement future innovations automatically or manually.

Yes, the “find a realtor” feature changes in relation to your phone’s location.

A “per loan officer fee” is due upon launch, followed by a monthly payment on the first of every month.

The default setting prompts the borrowers with the option to share data with all relevant entities. An extra level of protection can also be added, which prompts users to choose who specifically certain data can be shared with. This can be customized by the bank or individual user. For example, a borrower can choose which unique documents will be shared with whom.

Easy Mortgage Apps allows the borrower to opt out of data sharing automatically. Banks can manually opt the borrower out of data sharing at any time, regardless of what the borrower chose at the outset.

Easy Mortgage Apps currently integrates with over 10 LOS systems for secure data storage.

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  • Client Testimonial

    Read First Hand Accounts on How Our Powerful Tools Are Exceeding Expectations

    The new LENDirect mobile app provides the utmost convenience for our clients to view or upload any loan related documents, including appraisals, purchase contracts, commitment letters, or HUD-1’s… all via the secured and password protected mobile channel,” said Sal Morabito, LENDirect Mortgage’s President and CEO. “For example, if a client wants to send us a needed document and a scanner or fax is nowhere nearby, this app is a HUGE time saver. Just point, capture and send… it’s that simple. The excitement is growing day by day, even hour by hour!

    - Sal M


  • Client Testimonial

    Read First Hand Accounts on How Our Powerful Tools Are Exceeding Expectations

    Honestly, I can’t even wait to start using the app. Great job on the demo. It’s going to save everyone so much time – but, mostly it’s going to alleviate so much of the miss communication and confusion for borrowers as they go through the process. I’m pumped for them. Have a great day!

    - Lisa G.

    Loan Officer

  • Client Testimonial

    Read First Hand Accounts on How Our Powerful Tools Are Exceeding Expectations

    I went into a Real Estate Office and had 15 agents listening to every word I said and within hours I had a referral from a Realtor waiting to use it.

    - Chip M.

    Branch and Operations Manager

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